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Some books, articles and reports on scientific forums



Some publications:

  • Kostogryzov A.I. (1987),  Conditions for Efficient Batch Job Processing of Customers in Priority-Driven Computing Systems Where the Queueing Time Is Constrauned, «Avtomatika i telemehanika». 1987. №12. P.158-164.
  • Kostogryzov A.I. (1992),  Study of the Efficiency of Combinations of Different Disciplines of the Priority Service of Calls in the Computer Systems, «Kibernetika i sistemny analiz». 1992. №1. P. 128-137.
  • Kostogryzov A.I., Petuhov A.V. and Scherbina A.M. (1994): Foundations of evaluation, providing and increasing output information quality for automatized system. Moscow: “Armament. Policy. Conversion”, Moscow, 278p., 1994
  • Kostogryzov A.I. (2000) Software Tools Complex for Evaluation of Information Systems Operation Quality (CEISOQ). Proceedings of the 34-th Annual Event (25-29 September 2000) of the Government Electronics and Information Association (GEIA), 2000 Engineering and Technical Management Symposium, USA, Dallas, 2000, pp.63-70.
  • Bezkorovainy M.M., Kostogryzov A.I. and Lvov V.M. Modelling Software Complex for Evaluation of  Information Systems Operation Quality CEISOQ. 150 problems of analysis and  synthesis and examples for their solutions. Moscow: Armament.Policy.Conversion, 2001 (2-nd edition-2002), 303p., ISBN 5-89370-015-5
  • Kostogryzov A.I. Modelling Software Tools Complex for Evaluation of Information Systems Operation Quality (CEISOQ). Proceedings/International Workshop - Information assurance in computer networks: methods, models and arhitectures for Network Security. MMM ACNS 2001, St.Peterburg, Russia, May 21-23 2001, LNCS (2001), pp.90-101.
  • Kostogryzov A., Nistratov G. Standardization, mathematical modelling, rational management and certification in the field of system and software engineering" (80 standards, 100 mathematical models, 35 software tools, more than 50 practical examples). Moscow: Armament.Policy.Conversion, 2004 (2-nd edition – 2005, in Russian), 393p., ISBN 5-902313-05-8.
  • Kostogryzov A.I., Nistratov G.A. 100 Mathematical Models of  System Processes According International Standards Requirements. Transaction of the XXV International Seminar on Stability Problems for the Stochastic Models. Maiority, Italy, September 20-24,2005, University of Solerno, Italy  p. 196-201
  • Kostogryzov A., Nistratov G., Kleshchev N. Mathematical Models and Software Tools to Support an Assessment of Standard System Processes. Proceedings of the 6th International SPICE Conference on Process Assessment and Improvement (SPICE-2006), Luxembourg, 2006, p. 63-68
  • Kostogryzov A., Nistratov G. Mathematical Models and Software Tools for Analyzing System Quality and Risks  according to standard requirements. Proceedings of the 6th International scientific school "Modelling and Analysis of safety and risk in complex  systems" (MASR – 2006), SAINT-PETERSBURG, RUSSIA, July 4 - 8, 2006
  • Kostogryzov A.I., Stepanov P.V. Innovative management of quality and risks in systems life cycle. Moscow: “Armament. Policy. Conversion”,  2008, 404 p., ISBN 5-89370-012-0
  • Grigoriev L.I., Kershenbaum V.Ya. and Kostogryzov A.I. System foundations of the management of competitiveness in oil and gas complex. Moscow: National Institute of oil and gas, 2010, 374p., ISBN 5-93157-086-1.
  • Kostogryzov A. et al. Mathematical models and applicable technologies to forecast, analyze and optimize quality and risks for complex systems, Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Transportation Information and Safety(ICTIS 2011)  June 30th ~July 2nd 2011, Wuhan, China, p. 845-854
  • Kostogryzov A., Nistratov G, Nistratov A. (2012) Applicable Technologies to Forecast, Analyze and Optimize Reliability and Risks for Complex Systems, Journal of Polish  Safety and Reliability Association, Summer Safety and Reliability Seminars (SSARS-2012), Volume 3, Number1-2, 2012
  • Kostogryzov A., Nistratov G, Nistratov A. (2012) Some applicable methods to analyze and optimize system processes in quality management, Total Quality Management and Six Sigma, InTech,  ISBN 979-953-307-778-8 (Available from: